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Worlds Biggest Super Soaker (Breaking Guinness World Record)

Neighbor: Are you guys okay? When the super soaker was first invented, it was an absolute game changer in my neighborhood.So now that I ;m a dad and I know how to engineerI decided to once again level up my water fighting capabilities with this.The Guinness World record holdingLargest water gun ever at 7 feet long. As a follow-up, of course, to my world record largest nerf gunBut, she doesn ;t just look good.So I ;m going to show you how we made it, how she stacks up against the original Super Soakerand then we ;ll talk about the science behind how it worksBut first let ;s just take a moment to appreciate the destructive power of a stream of water traveling at 272 miles per hourWatermelons are great

But I wanted to see how she would fare in a real water fight in addition to running some further tests but before we get into thoseLet ;s talk about how we made it and how it worksTogether with my buddy Bob and his glorious beard we created a skeleton for the gun in factI won  t show it herebut if you want all the gory detailsOn how to construct a large scale replica like this he uploaded a full video on his awesome YouTube Channel called I Like To Make StuffI ;ll put a link in the video descriptionand in the end after some EVA foam and a paint jobWe ended up hereLet ;s take a look under the hood to see the designI arrived at with my buddy Ken the first thingThe first thing you should notice is that most of the mass is down here in the handle not up hereThat ;s because having a low center of mass is really helpful for stability and maneuverabilityFor something really large like thisAll the components you see here are just a fancier version of all the components that make up this gunIt operates on the exact same principles, so let ;s start by talking about how this one worksAnd to do that I figuredWe might as well ask the actual original inventor of the Super Soaker one of my personalengineering heroes, Lonnie Johnsonof course one of my first questions to him was how he even came up with this ideaI got the idea In 1982.

I was at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory working on the Galileo Project at the timeIn fact, i was doing experiments in my home, in the bathroom, in the evening timeI wanted to develop a heat pump that would usewater as opposed to Freon. I had made these nozzles i had hooked up to the sink andas i shot the stream of water across the bathroomAnd I saw how powerful it was and how satisfying it wasI felt some high pressure in a high performance water gun and it was really really coolAs I talked more with Lonnie he showed me the very first prototypeHe ever built of the gun. We talked about some of the clever design elements. For example this tank here that holds the waterDoubles as the pressure container so each time you pump you are forcing more and more air into this spotWhich makes it more and more crowded with air molecules which increases the pressure and when you pull the triggerThe air is pushing down on the waterSo hard the only place it can go is through this tube and out the gun and so this is why this tube isintentionally bent down like thisbecause no matter which way you tilt the gun it ;s always going to be below the water line and therefore water will come out andNot air and so now in our case instead of pumping we fill this tank up withHigh-pressure nitrogen gas and then this tank is filled with about two gallons of water and just like the Super Soaker it has a tubethat runs all the way down and is open at the bottom so then this gas is at aReally high pressure and it wants to get out so when you pull the triggerAnd open the flow it pushes down on the top of the water which forces it up this tube and out at272 miles per hour and the Trigger is just this ball valve joint herebut I thought it would be lame if every time you wanted to fire you had to turn some the handle so we have aPneumatic piston here, that ;s also powered by the nitrogenAnd then we have a solenoid that ;s connected to some double-A batteries back there for power and so when you push this button it opensthe ball valve and allows water to flow throughUntil I release the button.

I'll put a link to the CAD files we made along with a build list of all the componentswe used in the video description if you want to make something similarOh, one final cool feature is we have this cover hereThat ;s held on with rare-earth magnets, so after you ;ve shot a bunch and need to refill the water and the gasYou can just easily access the fill valves through this window here and now back to the gratuitous violenceIt ;s a double rainbow all the wayFor some context on the power of this gun the original Super Soaker was pressurized to 40 PSIAnd the pressure from the hose of your house is just a little more than around 50 PSI, a firetruck hosecomes in at around six times that at 300 PSI and this beast is eight times the pressure of a firetruck at2400 PSI which in hindsight is probably overkillOne final really cool feature of the gun is you can swap out the nozzle depending on what you ;re shootingSo this nozzle has a really small diameter opening which leads to a high stream velocity, but lower overall water outputSo it ;s good for cutting or puncturing stuff then this nozzle is basically wide open at a quarter-inch so it ;s a little lowerVelocity but it ;s the maximum water output, so it ;s good for getting things drenched fast or breaking things with ForceSo now with the gun fully testedI wanted to see how we would do in an actual water fight, so we got together for a party with some family friends

But to make things fair we took turns picking guns, but of course I got first pickSo it worked awesome, and I completely destroyed themuntil I ran out of waterIt took us about six months to build this Super Soaker and it wouldn ;t have been possible without the support of the awesome folks at23andme I just got my results back, and I will share them with you in just a second if you ;ve never heard of themThey send you this box and then you spit in this Tube and then you put it back in the mailAnd then they analyze the DNA in your chromosomes hence the name 23andme because humans have 23 pairs of chromosomesAnd then they tell you all sorts of really interesting stuff about you, so for example in my case. I learned I am45% from Britain and Ireland and amazingly, I ;m 3% Jewish. Shalom. I also learnedI am more neanderthal than 96% of all 23andme customersThey also predict some of your physical traits based on your DNA which was astonishingly accurate except this one was a little suspectAnyways, I thought it was so coolI got them as gifts for everyone in my familySo if you want to learn more about what 23andme does or even better if you want to learn what your DNA says about youOr your friends and family you can use the link in the description or go to Thanks for watching


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